Silk Hydrangeas are Bursting With Color – 5 Ideas For Decorating Hydrangeas – First the basics: Silk Hydrangeas are a large and full colorful flower. They come in two basic shapes, a cone and a ball. The Cone Hydrangea are usually smaller.

These can be found in dozens of colors so finding the perfect color will not be a problem. Hydrangea stems are very full plants so it does not take a lot to fill a vase.

Silk Hydrangea Tip 1:

A single stem in a bud vase. This idea is very popular at weddings because the flower is large and showy and because one stem fills as much visual space as a small bundle of flowers. These are perfect for intimate dining.

Silk Hydrangea Tip 2:

A Drop in bouquet. Take a glass or a medium size vase and drop a bundle or drop-in bouquet in it.

This is a great idea for a kitchen table or an end table. The drop-ins usually have some greenery in them but this will add a nice burst of color.

Silk Hydrangea Tip 3:

Buy a pre-made silk hydrangea arrangement. This will mix hydrangeas with some greenery and maybe a few other flowers.

Pre-mades are great for convenience and they give you a designer look without the designer price. These are perfect for formal dining or an upscale event.

Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer- Bigleaf Hydrangea
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Silk Hydrangeas are Bursting With Color – 5 Ideas For Decorating Hydrangeas

Silk Hydrangea Tip 4:

Make a hydrangea bouquet. Bouquets don’t just need to be for weddings. Take a 1/2 dozen silk hydrangea stems, wrap them together with floral tape and add some ribbon. The finished product is perfect for a decorative shelf or a mantle.

Silk Hydrangea Tip 5:

Fill a rectangular planter with hydrangeas. Take a rectangular planter and put floral foam in the base. Cover with some moss and add hydrangeas and some modest greenery (ferns work great).

Don’t overwhelm the planter. For variety try using two shades of the same color.

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