Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea | Landscape Tip for Home Owners – I think people don’t know that this is a really good time especially in Northwest Ohio do you plant your shrubs and landscape for next year so .

Anyhow back to Costco they have my probably second second favorites hydrangea it’s beautiful in fact they have it in front of the casco location if you want to take a look at it I don’t think people realize that they have it in the store for sale right now and it’s cheap it is the vanilla strawberry hydrangea .

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Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea | Landscape Tip for Home Owners

I love it and it’s gorgeous and I want to show you I’ve got some major landscape work that I’m working on and a couple locations here where I’m definitely gonna use it .

I’m gonna share that with you but take your time getting up there because I want to get up there first and get the 3 shrubs that I want to get first okay so here’s the tag and you’re definitely gonna want to check the tag and make sure it’s rated for your hardiness zone.

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

guess what when I was checking the tag I noticed this has grown at a local farm so this is awesome it’s a win-win for everybody I’m so embarrassed I’m showing you this look what a mess I’ve not been weeding in there or anything because we had all this construction going on look at the hole so this is all gonna get reworked and I’m gonna bring in the bed all the way out .

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Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea | Landscape Tip for Home Owners

so I’m thinking I’m putting in a couple of those strawberry vanilla definitely plant in twos or threes I’m thinking three because I really want to put like a really pretty conifer here because my front porch is there and .

I’ll be able to look out and see it and that’s a smoked tree so here’s my smoked tree it’s really bad lighting but it’s very burgundy and it kind of matches the plumes on that on that grass or when they look gorgeous with the blooms on the vanilla strawberry .

and behind where I want to put the hydrangeas is a beautiful dog way aren’t the seeds on this just beautiful and may that will totally totally complement the blues on that hydrangea okay so you may have a few questions about hydrangeas please ask me on my post here .

I’d love to help you out with this I’ve been growing them for many years here in Northwest Ohio oh goodness at least thirteen years that’s a lot my husband just asked me hmm but will they bloom all summer long yes why else would I want to grow them if they’re not gonna bloom and if they’re beautiful hello .

so the hydrangeas in late May early June they start putting on this pretty shape their bloom it’s a really light color and then as the season goes on and the summer kicks in and then Paul comes they turn into beautiful colors .

it’s just a beautiful color show out in your landscape all summer long can’t beat it win win now this is not the strawberry vanilla this is my other favorite .

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Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea | Landscape Tip for Home Owners

which is the lime lights and I’ll share about those in another video okay so I think I might have said strawberry vanilla it’s actually vanilla strawberry I guess I’m just really hungry for strawberries .

now I want to let you know that if you cannot find this shrub your local Costco definitely check your local garden center.

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