Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea – Mountain Hydrangea – The Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea by Proven Winners is the littlest, most smaller hydrangea we offer.

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Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea – Mountain Hydrangea

Try not to let that fool you however. This bush sneaks up all of a sudden, with delightful blossoms that rebloom throughout the entire season.

Being little doesn’t affect the sturdiness if this plant either. This mountain hydrangea can endure freezing winter conditions, and does very well in regions that macrophylla hydrangeas battle in.

Hardy reblooming hydrangea! We love Hydrangea serrata in light of the fact that they are so bud solid and sprout dependably.

This is a genuine wonder, with blossoms so fragile and refined that it appears to be odd to call them extreme – yet they are.

As referenced, amazingly bud-strong, every year it produces bountiful lacecap blossoms contained multiplied sepals. It is a rebloomer.

While this plant inclines to blue, the bloom shading may run from blue to pink to white, all delicate, sensitive shades ideal for refined nurseries.

The blossoms age to an alluring pink, and tip down in an unmistakable curving design. It has littler, smaller leaves and a plenitude of modest blossoms that spread the plant each late spring. It has never neglected to sprout in our western Michigan preliminary nurseries. Add aluminum sulfate to the dirt to empower blue blossom shading.

The blossoms are either pink, purple or blue contingent upon soil pH.

The blossoms will be more lavender or pink in acidic soils, and blue in soils with less causticity. Add aluminum to bring down the pH of the dirt, and support blue blossoms.

Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea Care

These smaller than normal hydrangeas need very much depleted soil. We likewise suggest including a layer of mulch, which completes two things.

To begin with, the mulch ensures the shallow roots in chilly atmospheres. Second, the mulch helps keep dampness around the plant.

What’s more, hydrangeas love water, as long as it is very much depleted. Plant this bush in an area that gets in any event 6 hours of daylight.

Evening conceal is best for this plant, particularly in southern areas, similar to zones 8 and 9.

You don’t have to prune Tiny Tuff Stuff hydrangeas. These plants are now little, and develop in a mounding propensity normally.

Likewise the plant blossoms on new and old wood. So you might cut off blossom buds for the following sprouting season.

We do suggest cutting off dead or debilitated branches varying consistently.

Treat in late-winter utilizing a controlled delivery compost. Do as such before new development begins to show up on the plant.

The manure ought to be figured for woody plants, for example, roses or trees.

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Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea – Mountain Hydrangea

Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea Spacing

These bushes ought to be planted 18 to 24 inches separated, focus on focus. On the off chance that you decide to become these as a finishing fringe, you can plant 14 to 18 inches separated, focus on focus.

These likewise do very well in garden grower. Utilize same separating rules as expressed above in the event that you need to plant more than 1 bush for every holder.

Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea Plant Facts

USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-9
Flower Color(s): Blue, Pink
Bloom Period: Summer
Foliage Color(s): Green
Exposure: Part Sun to Sun
Height: 1.5-2 Feet
Spread: 1.5-2 Feet
Spacing: 1.5-2 Feet
Habit: Mounded
Blooms On: New & Old Wood
Watering: Average
Shrub Type: Deciduous
Type: Mountain Hydrangea
Scientific Name: Hydrangea serrata ”MAKD” USPP 24,842
Common Name: Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea

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