Planting a Let’s Dance Diva – Reblooming Hydrangea – hey everyone I just got a hold of the most gorgeous hydrangeas this is called a let’s dance diva.

And it’s part of the big leaf hydrangea group and I also just got a couple of these basket weave pots and I think they’re going to look really pretty together but I really just want to focus on this hydrangea because I think this is a great variety to start.

Let’s Dance Diva Hydrangea

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Planting a Let’s Dance Diva – Reblooming Hydrangea

Out with for any beginner gardener or for anybody wanting to delve into the world of hydrangeas the thing that makes this variety so wonderful is that it blooms on both old and new wood it gets kind of confusing in the world of hydrangeas because there are six different groups and each group needs a different type of pruning in order to perform and flower the best this one.

Rarely needs to be pruned and if you do you’re not going to mess it up it will still bloom for you it’s foolproof a couple of other things this hydrangea is a zone five to nine which means it’s Hardy to negative twenty degrees Fahrenheit which is great .

Because that’s what the zone I live in so I know it will survive it is salt tolerant and the blooms will change color depending on what level your pH is in your soil so the higher pH the more pink the blooms are the lower the pH the more acidic the soil is the more blue the blooms are so since I live in a really alkaline high pH area.

I will be adding in a little soil acidifier into the soil you can add a soil acidifying product or aluminum sulfate to help the blooms turn blue we are on our back patio right now and this is where the hydrangeas are going to live right by this set of French doors these pots did not have drain holes in them to start off with. So we went ahead and flip them upside down and we used a diamond tile drill bit to drill two holes in the container so that our plants will be happy one other thing I am going to make sure to put the containers on a clear saucer.

You won’t be able to see this but it will protect the surface so I’m just going to plant them up and then I’ll show you how they look all right this one is all done now I just have one more to go this area gets about four to five hours of morning Sun which is perfect for these plants it’ll keep them happy and performing and healthy but it’s also an area that’s protected from the afternoon Sun it gets above 110 here and that scorches these poor little plants so you may live in an area that’s more mild.

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Planting a Let’s Dance Diva – Reblooming Hydrangea

Where they can take more Sun but you’ll just have to gauge it depending on your weather and ask your local nursery they should be able to tell you what they need the last thing is wintering your shrubs over in containers.

The best thing for you to do is when you go to look for a shrub for your container choose one that is one zone lower than your growing zone so if you live in a zone 5 choose a shrub that’s a zone 4 and that way you have a little bit of a buffer these hydrangeas are a zone 5 and I live in a zone 5 but they are right up against the house and they have quite an overhang for protection but I will take a thick layer of burlap and wrap it around the outside of the pot and finish it with a red ribbon and a bow it makes it look really festive and it provides a little bit of extra protection.

I also water every two weeks put it on the calendar water every two weeks so that they don’t dry out and that will help them get through the winter well that’s it you guys thank you so much for reading this Article hope you want to read More – Planting Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Hydrangea and a Japanese Maple



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