Oakleaf Hydrangeas and its Varieties : The Oak leaf hydrangea is one of only a handful hardly any hydrangeas local to the United States.

The Oakleaf hydrangea is a sensational, white-sprouting bush with four periods of intrigue.

It sprouts best in territories where summers are to some degree sweltering, however it is winter tough farther north than the macrophylla (mophead).

An enormous favorable position of the Oakleaf is that it can flourish in much dryer areas than its cousins.

Oakleaf Hydrangeas and its Varieties
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Oakleaf Hydrangeas and its Varieties

Mopheads battle in my sandy soil, yet the Oakleaf hydrangeas flourish with almost no consideration.

As of now the Oakleaf can be bought in two structures: the single bloom types and the, purported, twofold bloom type.

‘Snowflake’ and ‘Concordance’ are two most normal varieties with twofold sprouts.

The Oakleaf gets its name from the state of its lovely huge leaves.

These leaves frequently turn shades of splendid red, orange, yellow and burgundy in the fall whenever planted in a bright area with a little evening conceal.

The Oakleaf hydrangea can endure and even flourish in a lot sunnier regions than the mophead and lacecaps (macrophyllas).

NOTE: Unlike the mophead, the Oakleaf can become very well in drier soil, yet it can’t endure “wet feet.” It is critical to give phenomenal seepage when planting this hydrangeas.

It can get root decay in a heart-beat on the off potential for success that it has in saturated soil in any event, for brief periods.

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Oakleaf Hydrangeas and its Varieties

Other Oakleaf Hydrangea Varieties


This is an uncommon Oakleaf hydrangea in light of the fact that the blossoms have all the earmarks of being twofold (actually they are alluded to as “numerous florets”, yet I’m going to call them “double.”).

Since the florets keep on opening on each blossom panicle all through the late spring, the sprout season is MUCH longer than that of the single varieties.

When looking for ‘Snowflake,’ don’t mistake it for ‘Snow Queen,’ which is a wonderful single, yet isn’t ‘Snowflake.’


‘Concordance’ is generally new to me despite the fact that I believe it’s been around for quite a long time.

It is still somewhat hard to track down for procurement. Be that as it may, it will most likely not be some time before it is all the more promptly accessible.


‘Snow Queen,’ and ‘Alice,’ Oakleaf hydrangeas are comparable. They are near the local Oakleaf in that they have single blossoms.

Notwithstanding, each has been reproduced to display certain characteristics considered better than most local oakleafs. ‘Sikes Dwarf’ is more reduced than the others and might be best for littler nurseries.


Both ‘Sikes Dwarf’ and ‘Pee Wee’ function admirably in littler nurseries.

UPDATE: Dottie from Arlington, Virginia, sent me these photographs of her lovely ‘SIKES DWARF’, developing in her nursery.’

This is a truly astounding little hydrangea. Dottie says that it has NO immediate sun.

The plant is remaining minimized, in any event, embracing the ground, regardless of this. (Numerous bushes will get leggy on the off chance that they are developed in no sun, regardless of whether they are conceal darlings).

This resembles a perfect hydrangea to plant in the front of an obscure outskirt. (Doesn’t it look sound?) Click for bigger perspectives.

Another guest to this site, Chris, from Long Island, NY, says that she was searching for a bush that would do well in a little space, just 4 X 6 feet.

She found that the oakleaf hydrangea ‘Pee Wee’ works delightfully in this little region. Chris says “This is the main year I’ve had it in my yard, and it was upbeat.

It blossomed the majority of the late spring, and it has compensated me with profound burgundy shaded leaves this fall/winter.

I unequivocally suggest it for the individuals who have a littler space to work with and want an oakleaf hydrangea. It will get the opportunity to be around 4 feet high and as wide.”


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Oakleaf Hydrangeas and its Varieties


Oakleaf hydrangea’s year-long motorcade begins in spring when dim green leaves spread out. Contingent upon the assortment, the oak-like surrenders can develop over to 12 inches wide.

Blossom buds structure long, cone-formed groups that crown summer scenes with shading. The exquisite bunches consolidate enormous, ostentatious florets with little, budlike flowers.

Not at all like mophead hydrangeas, soil pH doesn’t influence the shade of oakleaf sprouts.

As fall shows up, oakleaf hydrangea leaves put on a showcase of shading that adversaries bursting maples. Splendid shades of dark red, purple, orange, gold, and bronze show up.

In certain atmospheres, the show continues into winter. As leaves drop, this local excellence uncovers shedding, cinnamon-earthy colored bark. The stripping strands contrast day off.


Oakleaf hydrangeas are simple consideration plants that request little past these fundamental needs:

Site and daylight – In northern zones, oakleaf hydrangeas do well in full sun to light shade. In southern zones, give them destinations with morning sun and insurance from extraordinary evening beams.

Soil – Oakleaf prospers in rich, all around depleted, marginally acidic soil. In regions with overwhelming earth, set aside some effort to alter your dirt at planting time.

Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum improves water infiltration and waste, releases compacted soil, and supports great root development. Pennington UltraGreen Plant Starter with Vitamin B1 decreases transplant stun also.

Water – Oakleaf hydrangeas normally best when soil remains uniformly sodden, however never soaked. Water completely, at that point check the dirt by hand before watering once more.

To forestall root decay, abstain from overwatering. On the off chance that the dirt is wet, hold up a couple of days and check once more.

Manure – A total compost, for example, Pennington UltraGreen All Purpose Plant Food 10-10-10 at planting time begins your hydrangeas off with fundamental supplements they need.

Feed your oakleaf in late-winter every year with a similar compost or a blossom improving manure, for example, Pennington UltraGreen Color Blooms and Bulbs Plant Food 15-10-10. At that point feed it again four months after the fact, in midsummer.


A few hydrangeas, for example, Limelight green hydrangea, sprout on new wood developed every year. However, oakleaf hydrangeas bloom on old wood persisted from the prior year.

The buds that become striking oakleaf flowers structure on stems in the late spring before you appreciate those sprouts.

Continuously prune oakleaf hydrangeas following they get done with blossoming, this year’s buds can shape. Stand by excessively long and you may prune away all the bloom buds you’re seeking after.

Regardless of whether you garden in little spaces or have space to wander, an oakleaf hydrangea can add excellence to your home and scene each long stretch of the year.

Pennington is here to help with ideal guidance and premium yard and nursery items so you can take your scene and nursery higher than ever all year.

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