Hardy Hydrangeas for any size garden – Comparison of 3 Hardy Hydrangeas – Hi this is Hydrangeatreecare from Garden Crossings out in the garden today and I wanted to show you three of our most popular hardy hydrangeas.

It’s the Bobo the Little Lime and the Limelight these are all stunning flowers bright big show of color but they do come in different sizes so I wanted to show you how you can find the perfect hardy hydrangea for your garden the one we have up front here is Bobo.

Bobo is the soon estto come in to color and it’s just masses of flowers on that small little package Bobo gets to be about three foot tall and three foot wide absolutely a favorite in my garden because I can tuck a lot of these little guys anywhere not to add that bright splash of color we’re gonna head back and they’re gonna get a little bigger the next one we have here is Little Lime, Little Lime.

it has a little bit more limey color flower but again absolutely full coverage on that plant and a beautiful addition to the summer garden little lime gets to beab out five foot tall and five foot wide so just a little taller if you can handle something that’s just a little bit bigger in your space and as we head to the back there we have the LImelight hydrangeas.

LImelight hydrangeas get to be about eight foot tall and eight foot wide with those beautiful white flowers they seem a little smaller in the picture because it is out there in the background but again beautiful display of flower cover color and coverage and that’s exactly what you can expect from any of these hydrangeas.

Hardy Hydrangeas for any size garden – Comparison of 3 Hardy Hydrangeas

The LImelight,the Little LIme or the Bobo again like I said these are most popular selling hydrangeas they can bloom they bloom off of the new growth so if you feel like you need to trim these at any time it’s not a problem you can trim them we recommend trimming them in the fall if you feel you need to.

But if it’s spring and you didn’t get a chance to get out in your garden that’s not a problem you can trim them in the early spring also this is Heidi from Garden Crossings with Bobo, Little Lime and Limelight hydrangea.

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