Why Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets Are So Stunning – If you have been to a wedding where the bride has a hydrangea wedding bouquet you are guaranteed that it was commented on.

These are stunning flowers for wedding bouquets, yet they are often forgotten and overlooked.

The hydrangea is a very special flower. The colours are from the soil. If the soils is acidic it produces blue and greenish flowers, these colours are often hard to find in other flowers.

If the soil is more alkaline it will produce the soft pinks and purples, while a neutral soil will produce ivory coloured petals.

Despite the range of colours they are also soft and subtle making them perfect for a wedding.

The hydrangea flower lends itself to a spherical wedding bouquet, this can be softened with fabric and ribbon bows or can be kept with clean lines by binding the stems with a single coloured ribbon.

The hydrangea wedding bouquets will also simplify perfectly to create bridesmaids posies.

How to make a Hydrangea bouquet – Step by step
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Why Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets Are So Stunning

For younger bridesmaids they will often look wonderful carrying a single hydrangea with a simple bow.

The colours of the hydrangea also work well with the combinations often favoured by brides for their bridesmaids dresses.

Usually the bridesmaid will wear a colour which coordinates with the brides bouquets and they will carry posies which will coordinate with the brides dress, of a tone in between.

Since the hydrangea can be found in a wonderful soft ivory colour it means that bride can perfectly match between her outfit and the bridesmaids accessories.

Why Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets Are So Stunning

With the hues of pink and purples often found at weddings, it is wonder and stunning to sometimes include some of the less common blues from the other end of the spectrum of hydrangea colours.

If you want to continue the theme from your hydrangea wedding bouquets across the table and other floral decorations the hydrangea will lend itself well to this.

For table flower arrangements it is important to make sure that they do not get in the way of the conversation across the table, so a low table hydrangea with green foliage is perfect for each of the guest tables.

Before deciding on either your hydrangea wedding bouquets it is worth considering the and defining all the flowers you will need for the wedding so you can choose a theme which will continue throughout the wedding.

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