Why Every Bride Should Consider Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets – Planning a wedding should be great fun, however, there are times when it can be a little overwhelming.

Even if the hydrangea wedding bouquet is not your perfect solution I hope that the discussion below will help you on the road to finding it.

When choosing a bouquet there are several things to consider. Firstly you will need to decide on the shape of your bouquet.

With hydrangeas they lend themselves to the traditional spherical bouquets, rather than the more flowing bouquets.

With a spherical bouquet you have to consider the stems as these are slightly more visible.

The stems of the hydrangea will lend itself to either a soft flowing fabric or ribbon bow or more simple and streamlined look with the stems bound tightly together with a single coloured ribbon.

Most brides who choose hydrangea wedding bouquets will choose a colour theme which they can continue with the accessories for the bridesmaids.

Some brides may even link this to the groom, via his waistcoat or button hole.

How to make a Hydrangea bouquet – Step by step
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Why Every Bride Should Consider Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets

The hydrangea wedding bouquets are often chosen because of the unique colours which are available.

The colours of the hydrangea petals are defined by the soil they are grown in.

The acidic soils produce the blue and green tinted flowers, while the alkaline soils will produce the pinks and purples the white and cream flowers come from the more neutral soils.

One of the great advantages of hydrangea is the ease with which the different hue will fit together to create a perfectly coordinated look.

This means that the bride and bridesmaids can have the same flowers in different hues.

Since the colours of the hydrangea flowers are always soft, they will blend and match well with fabrics of both the bride and the brides maids.

A lovely effect for an ivory wedding dress is to have a simple hydrangea wedding bouquet for the bride made of rich pinks and purples tied with a deep green ribbon.

The brides maids can then be dresses in almost any shade of pinks and purples and have ivory coloured single hydrangea bouquets decorated with matching green ribbons.

The simplicity of the hydrangea wedding bouquets means that it will lend itself gracefully to any wedding style.

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