What care does the Magical hydrangea need? – A little love, water and some simple care, that’s what your hydrangea needs to be in flower for 150 days. Do you want to know how to take good care of her? Our hydrangea growers have some tips for you.

What is the ideal place in the house for a hydrangea?

It is convenient to place a Magical indoor hydrangea in a not too dark place. In a bright place like, for example, a window sill, it is where its color change reaches its maximum splendor. Be careful in strong sunlight, as if it does, the soil dries quickly and the flowers and leaves will burn.

How much water do I have to add to my hydrangea?

The Magical hydrangea likes to keep the soil moist, but when watering it, keep the flowers dry. With regular watering by immersion (once a week) you will pamper it extra. Do not add too much water, since the roots can rot if the water accumulates in the pot or plate and, then, the flowers and leaves are down, just as it happens when the soil is too dry.

What care does the Magical hydrangea need?
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What care does the Magical hydrangea need?

What is the ideal indoor temperature for a hydrangea?

The ideal temperature for an indoor hydrangea is between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius.

Does the indoor hydrangea need extra nutrients and care?

If you add a little compost every two weeks, the Magical hydrangea will be seen in its best condition for 150 days. Read the correct ratio of water to compost on the compost container, as well as information on hydrangea care.

How do I protect my outdoor hydrangea from frost?

If severe frosts are to occur, protect veiled hydrangeas from hibernating. When placed, the air between the branches does not move, so the temperature remains more constant. This is an ideal solution, especially for plants that are planted in the ground. The outdoor hydrangeas that are in a pot can be put in a shed or garden greenhouse.

How and when to prune my Magical outdoor hydrangea?

It is not necessary to prune the Magical outdoor hydrangea, removing faded flowers is enough. Eliminate them preferably just after the flowering period. To do this, cut below the flower sphere. In this way, the buds that are under it will have all the space to bloom in the next season.

How do I keep my outdoor hydrangea blue?

Sprinkle or sprinkle the soil with aluminum sulfate or aluminum potassium sulfate in the first half of September. These products can be found in most garden centers. Be careful not to get the sulfate on the leaves or flowers. If your garden hydrangeas don’t stay blue even after you’ve added these products, use a slightly acidic peat substrate (it could be sandy) with a pH of 4-4.5. Water them preferably with rainwater: tap water contains a lot of lime, so the flowers turn pink.

How much water should I add to my Magical outdoor hydrangea?

The Magical outdoor hydrangea needs water regularly when planted in a pot, but also when it is in the ground and in hot periods. Water the hydrangea liberally several days a week, or a little each day. Keep the flowers dry and make sure that the soil allows the water to pass well. 

Does the Magical outdoor hydrangea need extra care?

In addition to lots of water, an outdoor hydrangea needs compost. It must be paid three to four times during the flowering period. For this, you can use universal organic fertilizers. With these cares, the hydrangea will grow in a healthy and regular way and, in addition, it will throw many flowers.

When should I transplant my hydrangea?

It’s best to transplant your outdoor hydrangeas in the fall. If the pot is full of roots and the soil barely absorbs the water, it is because it has become too small. Then it will be time to transplant it into a larger pot.

What is the best time to plant the Magical hydrangea?

Usually the best time to plant outdoor plants is spring, as spring plants are full of vitality and therefore grow easily. However, potted outdoor hydrangeas can be planted year-round. In a place with a lot of shade and moderate heat is where the Magical outdoor hydrangea reaches its maximum splendor. You shouldn’t plant your outdoor hydrangea too close to a tree. Tree roots are dominant and would deprive the hydrangea of ​​nutrients.

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