Planting Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Hydrangea and a Japanese Maple – Hey guys, good morning and planting up a new area in my garden So this is the spot right here kind of this corner area.

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Planting Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Hydrangea and a Japanese Maple

So this area was our rose garden it still kind of is but there were roses all over right in here kind of like lining The edge and then they kind of came back about this far, but you can see right above me there’s a huge maple tree.

And I’m guessing that when they initially Planted these roses there were there was a lot more Sun because the tree was a lot smaller but as the trees grown its casted more shade on this area particularly this corner and The roses need a lot more Sun than they were getting so they weren’t very happy .

They were growing really tall and lanky and they weren’t blooming very well So I thought this would be a good corner to start and so we dug those roses out and they will be rehomed Either in friends or family’s gardens or I might find a place here for them to live .

But I want to plan some things that will be happy in this corner this sidewalk right in front of me and it leads up To one of our back entrance ways.

So I really wanted to be something beautiful because I walk by it multiple times a day and I don’t really want to tackle the whole area at once just because I’m not ready to so I thought just doing the small manageable Chunk would be a good place to start. So the first plant I’m going to be using in this area Is this beautiful crimson Queen Japanese maple?

I really wanted this color and this leaf structure in this spot But you might be thinking that this is kind of an odd place to put a tree right underneath the tree But in our high desert heat they cannot take the Sun it burns their foliage so this is actually a perfect spot because usually there’s Dappled sunlight kind of streaming through the leaves of the tree above it is an overcast day Which makes it beautiful for planting but usually there’s some Sun coming in.

So my next layer of plants are these beautiful? Hydrangeas, I’ve got three of them here. These are called tough stuff. Aha Beautiful lace cap with double blooms that are huge. I love the color.

I think the size is perfect Then I might be using this birdbath from Henry studio I think this might be a really pretty piece to kind of tuck into this area so what I want to do is lay everything out because I’m so Visual like I have to see how it’s going to kind of look and sometimes I’ll put my pots out and leave them for a couple days and just kind of stare and Decide if I like the placement of everything before I get everything planted .

So let me get all of these things laid out in this area and then we’ll talk a little more detail about the plants Alright guys, I got him all placed and I gotta say I absolutely love it I think it’s gonna be so pretty to see these grow and fill in and I can’t wait to put more stuff around them.

So, like I said, they’re called tough stuff, haha They grow about 24 to 36 inches tall and wide which makes them a great shrub because they’re not enormous You can find a little spot in your flowerbed tuck them in and let them do their thing and I think they’re gonna be perfect Around this birdbath because they might grow You know as taller maybe a little bit taller .

if they really like this spot then the birdbath so I might have to come in With maybe one or two stepping stones and elevate the birdbath a little bit, but I don’t really want to see the whole thing I just kind of want to see this hovering slightly above kind of the flowering foliage I think it’ll be a really pretty look So these like a sunny location two-part set and in my climate, I live in high desert .

It’s very hot and dry here. They benefit from being in a protected location So they don’t get the hot afternoon Sun they need at least four hours of Sun in order to flower the best and repeat flower And do you know be the healthiest?

So I think this spot will be great because like I said it gets Morning Sun That streams in and then it gets kind of filtering Sun through the rest of the day But it never gets the hot hot Sun.

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Planting Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Hydrangea and a Japanese Maple

I know how changes can be a little bit intimidating in fact I’m still intimidated by them because I live in a climate that they don’t particularly love So it takes a little forethought in terms of placement, you know making sure the lighting is correct making sure they have enough water that I amend my soil because we’re very very alkaline here and though Hydrangeas are actually more adaptable than we’ve, you know, we think they are .

It’s just one of those things that I have to kind of think about But I think the biggest struggle with hydrangeas is knowing when to prune them I think that’s what most people struggle with We have put together a more comprehensive video about when and how to prune, you know, each type of hydrangea We’ll link that down below But as far as this one goes.

this is a hydrangea serrata or a mountain hydrangea now hydrogen serratus Typically just bloom on old wood But the cool thing about the tough stuff series is that they bloom on both old wood and new wood So what that means is if you have a cold snap late in the fall And it happens to damage the buds that it’s already formed for next year’s blooms .

this plant will still bloom on the new growth that it flushes out in the spring and same goes for Deer if you have deer grazing through your garden and it’s popping off buds and eating them this plant should still keep on producing Buds and still bloom for you throughout the year the other interesting thing about hydrangea Serratus is that their buds are actually fairly cold tolerant more so than like your hydrangea macrophylla Because these ones are native to a mountainous region in Japan .

So they’ve been adapted like they’ve adapted to the colder temperatures So they’re really reliable bloomers like in a zone five and six and I live in a zone five So that’s really great news for me and the last thing I wanted to mention about these before I get them in the ground is that this is the first time I’m planting this variety .

In fact, these will be available in garden centers next year think they’re available online already But they are supposedly a really great rebloom, err like they put tons of energy Into forming new buds and blooming all throughout the season .

So once they start blooming and summer, they should keep on going all the way through fall So I think it’s a great pick for this spot since I walked by it multiple times a day I should be able to enjoy blooms for months and months alright So let me run back here and tell you a little bit about this crimson queen maple and then we’ll get all these plants in The ground as far as its crimson queen Japanese maple there’s not a whole lot to it.

It’s a zone five through eight They’re very easy to grow They grow about ten feet tall and wide and I don’t mind if it gets ten feet wide in this spot In fact, I think that would be beautiful But obviously I don’t want it growing 10 feet tall because I’ve got another maple tree right above it But they’re very easy to size control because they don’t grow really fast So once it gets to a height that I like it, I’ll start topping any branches that grow up .

Planting Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Hydrangea and a Japanese Maple

So if I get you know a weird branch kind of starting to grow up I’ll just clip it off and that’ll force the tree to kind of stay lower and grow outward So if you’re not prepared for that type of work kind of keeping on it Like once or twice a season .

Then I would probably put this in a spot in the garden where you can let it get to its full size So let’s just get these in and see how they look All right, I got him on the ground and I think they look great I did decide that I’m gonna make this a two-part video series Because there’s other things that I want to plant in this area and I decided to wait to mulch into all of its done.

But the important thing I did today was to make sure I had proper water to all the plants so you can see there Is an existing drip system in this area that the previous owners put in there’s brown tubing Looks like it was adapted from a maybe a sprinkler which is not ideal So it’s something we’ll probably be changing in the future In fact, we’re going to be widening this walkway at some point down the road .

So that’s probably when that will happen, but this drip system works Okay for now, so the brown tubing is 1/2 inch and it’s the type that has holes every 18 inches And I know it goes throughout this whole area, but I don’t know exactly where because it’s been through, .

you know It’s been here for years and it’s but had lots of mulch on top of it. So I can’t see a lot of it So I made sure to run an individual emitter to each one of the plants so that I know that they’re getting good water So to do that’s really easy You just get a little .

I use a 2 gallon per hour emitter and you can just punch right into that existing Half-inch line and then run a little tube to the root ball of the plant So it’s very simple to do and it just kind of peace of mind However, I will be making sure to give these any supplemental water that they may need when it gets really hot outside so I’ll just be keeping my eye on them and that’s really important to do the first season .

and even Into the second season just to make sure your plants are happy So size wise I think these hydrangeas are great in fact because they stay so small They’re a type that you should never have to prune on You know if you put them in a spot where they can just grow too .

They’re 2 to 3 feet size which they can hear if they want to I Shouldn’t have to be doing any maintenance on them except for maybe cutting out any Deadwood in early spring if they have any So anyway guys, like I said, I’m gonna be adding some more plants and perennials and annuals in this area.

You don’t have to know even what you’re gonna I don’t know what I’m gonna be doing with the rest of this bed But I’m going to be working on it as time and budget allows and I think that makes it a little less Overwhelming a little bit more manageable.

So anyway, thank you guys so much for reading today and we’ll see you in the next post.

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