HYDRANGEA LEAVES TURNING PURPLE – WHATS THE PROBLEM ? – In the event that you have purple leaves on your hydrangea plant it could be characteristic of an issue.

Abruptly observing purple on your leaves is sufficient to cause you to go into a frenzy, particularly when that is not an ordinary tone. To begin with, however, there are a few assortments that produce a purple hint and some begin to transform purple into the fall. Anyway it can likewise be an indication of when something isn’t right, particularly if the leaves are normally a lavish green.

For what reason are my hydrangea leaves turning purple?

Purple tones on your hydrangea leaves could be demonstrative of an exceptionally straightforward natural issue or a contagious illness.

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Parasitic infections in Hydrangea

Parasitic infections will create purple spots on your hydrangea leaves. In the event that you have purple spots it may be demonstrative of Cercospora leaf recognize, a typical leaf growth. Have confidence that this specific illness won’t murder your plant in practically all cases however it may cause the leaves that are influenced to shred. On the off chance that this happens it will debilitate your general hydrangea and diminish the quantity of buds that develop the accompanying season.

With this, you may see little purple or earthy colored spots that start around the base of your plant and spread upward as well as outward particularly as water sprinkles on the leaves and moves the spores to different areas. The spotting designs on your leaves will shift dependent on the type of hydrangea. You can hinder the spread of this sickness by basically tidying up any leaves that tumble down and ensuring that when you water your hydrangea you water it at the base and not on the leaves. On the off chance that you water on the leaves you will just assistance further spread the illness.


At times, it may assist you with eliminating up to 33% of the branches in the event that you have a firmly stuffed hydrangea since this will help increment the air course which will keep the spores from sprouting as fast.

On the off chance that the majority of your leaves are purple and the illness is exceptionally serious, you can include an application at regular intervals of a compound fungicide. Many garden habitats sell fungicide showers which are well worth difficult.

Phosphorus inadequacy in Hydrangea

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Another explanation that your hydrangea leaves may be turning purple is just a direct result of a phosphorus lack. This is their method of revealing to you that they need more phosphorus segments in the dirt. This is something that happens when Gardner’s race to modify the pH of the dirt rapidly to change the bloom shade of the hydrangea. Now and again you may inadvertently let your pH drop so low, so quick, that other synthetic mixes stuck the dirt imbroglio up all that phosphorus which implies the plant can’t utilize it. You can begin by checking your dirt pH levels. In the event that you have acidic soil beneath 6.0 the aluminum may be tying up the phosphorus. On the off chance that you have basic soil above 7.0 the calcium or magnesium may be authoritative with the phosphorus.

To fix this just adjust the pH of the dirt gradually to let loose more phosphorus. In the event that, following half a month, you don’t see an observable distinction in your plant it may be ideal to include a phosphorus compost around the roots.

Climate change in Hydrangea

Climate can impact the shade of your hydrangea leaves too leaving a ton of purple tones. On the off chance that it’s cool climate toward the finish of the developing season your plant may begin going into lethargy rashly and that will make the purple shading show through as the green tones quit creating chlorophyll.

Ice harm so leave purple discoloration on your hydrangea leaves. On the off chance that you see it basically eliminate the terrible leaves once they have dried out. On the off chance that there are somewhat harmed purple leaves, left them alone until the new leaves have shaped.





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