How to Make Your Hydrangeas Produce More Flowers – There are some conditions that your hydrangeas becomes unproductive anymore due to some factors beyond your control. But this could be remedied by making some necessary adjustment especially the plant growth condition and the stand of the whole plant.

There are two types of hydrangeas which you should be familiar with in terms of their flowering abilities. One type is that of the one that bear flowers on the current growth year, while the other is the one that bloom from its old year growth wood.

Those types that bears flowers from the current growth year are those white type such as, Annabelle and Paniculata specie. They start blooming in the early spring and later during summer. These types of hydrangeas are considered as prolific bloomers with their big and beautiful abundant attractive flowers.

How to make Hydrangea Bloom grow bigger
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How to Make Your Hydrangeas Produce More Flowers

And those types of hydrangeas that bloom on old year growth wood are from the macrophylla family such as; Endless Summer and Nikko Blue.

When to Pruning

Pruning should be administered right after the plant have bear flowers. Before they start to produce buds, they should be immediately trimmed down. The Annabelle and PPaniculata type should pruned during the late fall, in the winter and early spring.

Be warned that when they start growing in the spring avoid pruning operation until after they finished blooming in order not to disturb their flowering activities.

The Macrophylla family hydrangeas are known for their blooming abilities more than once in their growing season and also known to produce more buds and flowers during its growing period.

To have a more flowers during their growing period, make sure to prune them with care not to disturb the flower buds.

Water Management

Hydrangeas are water loving plants and prefer a slightly shaded areas to make them healthy and attractive. But don’t over shade them, at least there should be enough sunlight to supply the photosynthetic requirement in their entire growth development.

Plant Nutrition

Like other flower plants hydrangeas tolerates and respond more with a rich soil in organic matter supplemented with commercial fertilizer in their entire flowering period.

Observe the plant’s growth process. By simply observing closely the condition of the entire population, you can judge by yourself if they need some supplemental nutrients requirement based on the condition of the leaves and flowers.

Take seriously this simple guides to have your hydrangeas blooming with beautiful and attractive flowers.

Happy gardening!

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