How to Grow Oak Leaf Hydrangea – Hydrangea quercifolia Care and Varieties – This is the wonderful Hydrangea quercifolia or Oak leaf Hydrangea.

It grows all along the east coast of North America and it’s called quercifolia because of the foliage which looks a little like oak leaves hence the common name Oakleaf hydrangea.

These are the new flowers just beginning to form and as they grow they form these large panicles of beautiful white flowers, now i know you’re saying that we’ve seen Hydrangea kquercifolia with pink flowers, but they all naturally start at white but they do turn pink as they mature and go through summer and some varieties or cultivars if you like will turn a deeper pink color than others.

Hydrangea quercifolia

Oakleaf Hydrangeas and its Varieties
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How to Grow Oak Leaf Hydrangea – Hydrangea quercifolia Care and Varieties

In terms of cultivars look for snowflake Snow Queen, Alice, Ruby slipper, Munchkin, and a few others you can see a list in the notes below the video,

This is a plant that will get from 1 to 2 metres in height and it can easily be pruned if you look carefully down the stems you’ll see little buds which are natural pruning points

There’s one the reson you can prune back to these buds and the best time to do this is immediately after flowering because hydrangea quercifolia is a plant that flowers on old wood so if you prune in spring before flowering you’ll find that youdon’t get many flowers the next season prune immediately after flowering and you give the plant time to put on new growth form new flower buds and then you’ll have flowers the next season.

One of the really great things about hydrangea quercifolia is that it has year-round interest so we’ve got the wonderful flowers and the foliage that are there from spring through summer and when autumn or fall comes around the foliage turns to a really wonderful red and this lasts on the plant right through winter until spring comes around the new foliage appears and pushes the old foliage off.

How to Grow Oak Leaf Hydrangea – Hydrangea quercifolia Care and Varieties

This is a plant that’s growing on the edge of a little woodland area in our garden and as you can see with moss beneath it to provide it with cool moist root run and we fertilize it in spring every year and in really hot summers we will give it a little extra water

and although this plant is growing in part shade if it were growing in deep shade you’d find that the flowers wouldn’t be anywhere near as prolific as they are on this one.

This is a wonderful plant to grow in front of plants with lighter foliage such as this philadelphus here so the flowers and the foliage add a bit of interest and contrast and texture to the garden

Hydrangea quercifolia probably the best hydrangea of all to grow in part Sun and definitely the best hydrangea the year-round interest.

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