I am going  to give you a few very simple tips to  get maximum flowers on your Hydrangea Plant.  See this is the same thing I do every year,   last year also I did and got good result. 

Unfortunately, I did not record anything   and that’s why this year I decided to record all  the steps, so that you can grow Hydrangea plant   along with me and get maximum flowers on your  plant. We can do this thing either in the month  of March or even April. But, please note that you  should highly consider the variety of Hydrangea   plant you are growing.

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Anyway you really don’t  have to worry, because I am going to show you the two of the most common varieties which are  available and I am also going to show you what   you need to do for each varieties. So please  make sure to watch the video till the end.   So here is one of my Smooth Hydrangea plant.  Sometimes, Smooth Hydrangea plant manage to   bloom even in the winter season and that’s why  you can see it’s already blooming. However,   the health of the plant is not looking that great  but I am really not worried about it because I   know that I am going to fix it and very soon my  plant is going to grow in a much healthy way. 

DO These NOW On Hydrangea for MAXIMUM Flowers!

Basically saying I am going to do two very  simple things – first one is I am going to   hard prune my Hydrangea plant and second one  is I am going to give it fresh soil and at the   same time I am also going to upgrade the size  of container.

Now this is really very important   and that’s why I am going to repeat it once  again. Please note that if you are growing   the Big Leaf Hydrangea then please don’t prune  it at this time. Because if you prune your Big   Leaf Hydrangea at this time (SPRING) you are  not going to get that blooms in this year. So   please be careful and I am going to show you  how the Big Leaf Hydrangea look likes and you   would be able to see why I am saying that you  should not prune it at this time (means Spring). 

MAXIMUM Flowers on your Hydrangea

Okay, let’s begin the procedure. I am just pruning   my plant and you really don’t have  to feel anything bad about pruning. I am also not going to throw  away all the pruned part,   instead I would be trying to grow new plants  from all those cuttings. For time being,   I am just keeping all the cuttings in plain  water so that they stay well hydrated. 

Like I said you already I am going to upgrade the  size of the container and for that purpose I am   going to use a 16 inch container. This is really  a huge container and you really don’t have to use   16 inch container, you can grow Hydrangea plant  even in 6 inch container too – I am using a much   bigger container because I have some other goal  for this year and hopefully I would be able to   achieve that. I am also going to give my plants  completely fresh soil and my new potting soil   mix is something like this – I am using 50%  normal garden soil, 40% Composted cow dung   powder and rest 10% Coco peat.

Please note that,  my soil is already bit sandy. Next I am going to   add near about 100 grams of bone meal powder.  Now please note, that I am using a very big   container and that’s why I am going to add 100  gms (20 teaspoons) of bone meal at once.

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But,   if you are using much smaller container, let’s  say 8 inch or even 10 inch, please don’t use more   than 30 grams. Next I have to take out the plant  from the current pot and I’m going to do it but I   know that this is going to be somewhat difficult  task. If you don’t want to do all the things,   I mean taking out the plant from your previous  pot and then reporting your plant in somewhat   other pot, you really don’t have to do anything  like that.

Just remove the surrounding soil,   let’s say 2 to 3 inch surrounding  soil and then add the fresh soil. Almost done and next I am going to add  one more component here. I am going to   add 50 gms of Mustard cake fertilizer (Alt –  Blood meal or Fish emulsion fertilizer) Again,   please be very careful if you  are using smaller container,   let’s say 8 inch or 10 inch, please don’t  use more than 20 to 25 grams at once. You can also avoid adding Mustard cake fertilizer  (Alt – Blood meal or Fish emulsion fertilizer)   at this time and apply let’s  say after 15 to 20 days.

But,   I am applying at this time and I am NOT going to  fertilize my plant for next two months at least. 

Now we are done with talking about the Smooth  Hydrangea and if you got the Smooth Hydrangea,   please do the same thing within the time  frame (Spring) and you are going to get the   good result. But, if you are growing the Big Leaf  Hydrangea then please don’t do this thing and let   me show you how one of my big leaf hydrangea is  looking at this time.

So, here is one of my Big   Leaf Hydrangea. I am going to do almost the same  thing for my Big Leaf Hydrangea. I am going to   give it somewhat bigger container and I am also  going to give it fresh soil. But, I am NOT going   to prune it and let me show you why I am NOT  going to prune it. So here you can see that my   plant is already producing the new buds. See the  main difference between the Smooth Hydrangea and   Big Leaf Hydrangea is that the Smooth Hydrangea  produces the buds on the New growths. However,   the Big Leaf Hydrangea produces the buds on the  OLD Wood.

I mean, the growth whatever they have   already produced in the previous year. Now you  are looking at this branch right….this branch   is not from 2020. The plant already produced this  branch in 2019 and that’s why it’s producing the   new buds on this growth.

So, if you prune your  plant at this time you are not going to get the   blooms in this season. In case you want to prune  your Big Leaf Hydrangea, then please do it at the   end of the season. I mean, you can do it whenever  they stop to bloom. So, how to know which one is   a Big Leaf Hydrangea and which one is a Smooth  Hydrangea plant?

Let me give you an example here   and you would be able to identify them very  easily. Now here I’m taking two leaves – the   left leaf is from one of my Smooth Hydrangea and  the right leaf is from the Big Leaf Hydrangea.   

Now the main difference between the Big leaf  (LEFT) and the Smooth Hydrangea (RIGHT) is that   the leaves of Smooth Hydrangeas (RIGHT) are much  thinner comparing to Big Leaf Hydrangea (LEFT).



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