How To Fertilize Hydrangea|Wake Them Up This Season|When to fertilize hydrangeas – I’ve written down three things that I need to do, and I’m going to take you along a journey with one, because this is going to hold me accountable and make sure that I get it done.

The area you’re looking at right now is a little bit in the shade and so I am going to clear this area out. When I mean clear it out, basically just getup all of these leaves, all of these weeds that are popping up.

How To Fertilize Hydrangea

Then what we’re going to do is last season we had host as that were over here and I’m hoping that they’re going to come back up. Two have already popped up and another part of the garden and so that gives me hope that these will possibly pop up as well.

The main thing here today though is to go ahead and finish waking these hydrangeas up. Now, they’ve been woke, but I just haven’t been back here to really get a chance to clean everything out and to get it fertilized.

Now, these are the Endless Summer hydrangea sand when I come back, I’m going to show you a picture of them because they bloom a purple color. I got these last year on clearance and they looked sad, but y’all remember, sometimes you got to doctor up stuff and just give it a little bit of attention, which is what I did.

So now we’re going to wake them up, and when I say wake them up because I’m late, they’re not, I am, is I am going to pull this mulch back and I am going to give them a nice feeding of this Holly-tone right here.

When to fertilize hydrangeas

Now, it says for evergreen and azaleas, but if you look on the side, hydrangeas fall into this category of acid-loving plants,if you can see it right here.

So we’re going to pull back the mulch and just fertilize all around, and then put it back and I will make sure that I water it good. On the NPK scale this is a 4-3-4, so that is what we are doing today.

Since this is an area where I don’t really come back often, I got to go and put my garden boots on. I can’t put my long sleeve on today y’all,because it’s hot and I don’t want to fall out over here and then everybody’s looking for me and I’m over here in the corner laid out.

When to Prune Hydrangea trees - The Best Time
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How To Fertilize Hydrangea|Wake Them Up This Season|When to fertilize hydrangeas

But I decided to put these right here because these require a little bit of shade and we have some shade coming down from the trees so they don’t receive that full sun.

Now, I don’t know if I’ll get to the other set of hydrangeas today, I will walk you over there, because that’s kind of in the sun and those type of hydrangeas I also got on clearance, but they can take sun because they were blooming so pretty.

Let me show you because they have woke up too and they’re waiting on me, so let me take you over there.

Okay, this pathway did not go as good as I expected, but that’s another story on another day. I got to keep focused today, y’all, three things.

Here are the other, and I see spider webs. Okay, they have already woke up too. These are the hydrangeas right here.

They are by Better Homes and Gardens, but they can take more sun than the Endless Summer. I’ll try to find a picture on the internet and maybe flash it, but don’t hold me to it.

But they start off pink at the top and kind of like an ombre effect down to white. We have two right here that is ready to be fed as well.

Like I said, I’m not sure if I’ll get to this today because this whole bed needs to be redone. I’m talking about weeds, I’m talking about leaves, I’m talking about a whole bunch of stuff.

So I can’t promise you all that, but I am going to promise y’all where we just left, that has got to be done because it’s been on the waiting list for like two weeks. Those blooms are starting to go ahead and come out, so I want to just give it just a little bit of kick start so they’ll be nice and beautiful throughout the growing season.

I’m not going to put y’all on the tripod today. I will come back though because I don’t have anything even and I don’t want the wind to accidentally knock over this camera. That won’t be good. Let me get everything raked and cleaned up and then we’ll come back and we’ll talk and we’re going to end this video.

Wake Them Up This Season

Let’s have a quick look of what we’ve accomplished so far. I had to tell myself, “It’s enough raking,you have gotten up enough leaves,” because I was starting to pull up the mulch as well. I will fill in the gaps just a little bit because you could see some of the cardboard, but let me get my kneeling pad so I could get a little bit closer, because my knees hurt, y’all.

We pulled most of the weeds and then, like I said, we raked and I hit cardboard on some, but I do have some of this mulch and I’ll just fill in those gaps.

But this is how I fertilize some of the shrubs and different things. Let me get down here. I’m actually going to pull back this cardboard. A lot of people that I have spoken to tend to put the fertilizer, although it’s organic, right up in the plant.

Now, I don’t do that. If you’ve heard the term of people saying the drip line or something like that for different trees, that’s really what I go by.

Where these leaves are falling around this plant … And I’ve got the wrong gloves. I got my leather gloves because we got weeds that have those spikes in and I’m telling y’all, I’m not trying to go to the hospital for nothing.

Not a nothing, nothing at all. But let me use this. I can’t hardly feel with these, but you don’t feel those little pricks with the weeds.

How To Fertilize Hydrangea|Wake Them Up This Season|When to fertilize hydrangeas

Basically what I’m going to do is pull the cardboard back and I noticed with the soil we got some good earthworms down here, we’ll pull all of this back. Then what we will do is you see how the leaves are right here, so we’ll put it around this part, work it into the soil really, really good, and then I’ll probably put a little bit more cardboard on here, some newer ones because this is breaking down, and then we’ll cover it back up with the mulch.

Once we do that, I know that I will see a tremendous growth in these three hydrangeas.

I’m really pleased because already,within a couple of weeks, they started off with one or two leaves, we had that good rain,and then they just started flourishing.

They already have blooms on here, so I just want to give them an extra little kind of like a vitamin, an extra little vitamin shot or something to go ahead and take them on out through the season. Let me go ahead and finish these three up and then I’ll take some mulch and just cover the areas of cardboard that we hit while raking the leaves up and then that will be it. That’s how we do our hydrangeas.

Now again, it’s hot out here, so I doubt if I’ll get to the other side today that I showed you earlier, but I am going to get to it. That’s on my to-do list but it’s not on my to-do list for today.

Anyway, we’re done. What I did, I showed you guys, I put the Holly-tone around the drip line of the plant. We worked it into the soil real good and I’m happy to report, I saw quite a few earthworms in there, so that’s always a good sign. I did put a little bit of diatom aceous earth down because I saw a couple of the leaves being eaten.

We went ahead, we covered it up with the mulch,and then we covered up those spots that we raked too much where you could see the cardboard. These have had their vitamins and they are good to go.

How To Fertilize Hydrangea|Wake Them Up This Season|When to fertilize hydrangeas

What I will probably do is may be in about two and a half, three months, I’ll come back and hit it again with the slow-release fertilizer. Then throughout the growing season when I make compost tea, a lot of times I’ll come and just do a foliage, a foliage,foliage spray to some of my shrubs and flowers and different things like that.

We’ll probably hit it with that. Then so now they have their vitamin, I’ll get to the other ones another day because I’m going to have to do a one-two on that one, which means I need to weed it and then the area, weed the area, and then go back in and feed those hydrangeas.

Right now the sun is beating down,I had to go in and put on my hat. I’m in my flip flops, so that’s why y’all don’t see me walking. I have no business being out here in my flip flops, evidently I have not learned my lesson by having a snake run over my feet. But I’m watching like a hawk, I’m watching real close and I’m watching where I step.

As always, thank you all so much for reading this post. I hope you share this with your family and your friends. Read More – Basics of Transplanting Hydrangea plant in dormancy – When to transplant Hydrangeas?



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