Faux Hydrangea Arrangement in clear Glass Vase – Hi so challenge as some cute do-it-yourself floor decor with you this week this article is creating a do-it-yourself glass face with fake water it’s an acrylic order flower arrangement.

How to make a Hydrangea bouquet – Step by step
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Faux Hydrangea Arrangement in clear Glass Vase

I love this because it’s totally cute and you can put it literally anywhere in your home so I’ll start the supplies you need is a glass base I purchased this from Dollar Tree also simulated water kids which I got from Michaels and I used to 50% a coupon for that you also need a wire cutter I also got some roses from Dollar Tree.

Faux Hydrangea Arrangement with mini Hydrangea

So the kit comes with two bottles in it on Part A and Part B that you have to mix together

you start with Part B first you’ll pour that and then you will pour Part A and very slowly I use just a plastic cup you can use any clear plastic mixing.

you’ll mix very slowly for at least three to five minutes you don’t want to steer too fast because it can create bubbles watch the mixture is ready you’ll pour it into your face slowly and subscribe the sides as well.

Hydrangea and Roses bouquet

I’ve set my tags off my roses first and then I started to cut my roses to the length that I felt suitable so it’s all in trial and error you just have to come play with it to see what works for your look that you’re going for and then I just start to cut my roses in hydrangea picture.

And I position my bouquet inside the vase you have plenty of time for the solution to finalize it I think you have like an hour or so and if you have any bubbles don’t worry about it because they all rise to the surface I’m doing the curing process.

Wedding Gown Hydrangea - Natural White Hydrangea
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Faux Hydrangea Arrangement in clear Glass Vase

the total curing cycle it’s about eight to ten hours went hardens so again you have plenty of time so don’t feel like you have to rush you can wipe up if you waste some won’t get some on the sides of the face you have plenty of time to play with it before actually hardens here.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave the leaves on the roses but when they became to get very bushy I didn’t like the look so I decided to go back in and take the leaves off you can do whatever your taste is for.

and as soon as you get the look that you want or you get it as bushy as you want it to be that’s it you just let it sit there and harden and it will harden and eight to ten hours and that’s it it’s just that simple and it’s that easy it took less than twenty minutes to make .

This isn’t this the cutest oh my god I just love this I love it summer it’s a very cute inexpensive decor idea so if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up as well as don’t forget to subscribe because I have tons of articles coming and lined up and so the next time I will see you guys and I hope you have an amazing week.

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