Everything You Need to Know About Square Hydrangeas – Have you noticed that peculiar cubical block of hydrangea flowers in the hotel concierge desk or in a fancy restaurant?

Did the stunning square arrangement make you stop?

It is unique and may look hard to do, but it isn’t. All you need are hydrangeas and oasis. Oasis is a type of floral foam which is soaked in water for fresh flowers.

It can also be used for silk or fake flowers. To prepare the floral foam, pre-soak it in water until it becomes heavy.

Depending on the thickness, it usually takes fifteen to thirty minutes to prepare the floral foam before you stick flowers in it.

You can do this dramatic hydrangea square arrangement if you grow tired of seeing the same old vase of flowers.

You can use the hydrangea of your choice — endless summer hydrangea, vanilla strawberry hydrangea, nikko blue hydrangea, pinky winky hydrangea, oak leaf hydrangea, etc. –

whichever you prefer as they can all be accommodated and showcased beautifully by the square arrangement.

Make sure first that you have the cut hydrangeas soaked in cold water while you are doing this.

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Everything You Need to Know About Square Hydrangeas

Measure the pre-soaked oasis. Use a knife to cut it, and make sure that it is a perfect cube. Break some small wood skewers and stick four of them in the corners of the squared off floral foam.

The sticks will secure the floral foam so it remains balanced. The sticks must be pushed all the way down the floral foam.

Insert the little flowers onto the oasis until you cover the top and the four sides.

Always start from the top before you work the sides of the floral foam cube. The hydrangeas need to be pushed in as far as you can. The square arrangement has to end up with a flattened and compact look.

If you cannot get the thin stems in, use the skewer to make a hole onto the floral foam.

The hole must hold the stem securely, so make sure that the skewer you are using does not have a bigger diameter than the flower stem.

Once you’re done, put the hydrangea square arrangement on a plate with water. This unique flower arrangement looks sculpted and elegant.

You may blend multicolored hydrangeas or use plain white ones or same-colored ones. Put it on your mantel or on the dinner table and watch how your guests will gush.

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