DO HYDRANGEAS NEED ERICACEOUS COMPOST TO GROW? – Hydrangeas can get by in numerous types of soils, however they need rich supplements and damp, all around depleted soil to do as such.

Yet, what is so much discussion of ericaceous manure?

What is ericaceous soil?

Ericaceous soil or fertilizer is profoundly acidic, lime free. It isn’t something fitting for all plants, as certain plants essentially can’t endure the acidic breakdown. Generally, this type of soil was blended in with peat however can be blended in with bark also.

Sorting out if your hydrangeas need ericaceous manure truly relies upon the type of hydrangea you have, and whether you are attempting to control the bloom tone.

Think about this: bigleaf hydrangeas are the most well-known type of hydrangea. They are the bushes with the enormous blue or pink blossoms with a couple of pinks and purples tossed in for good measure. What is generally intriguing about these specific assortments, the mopheads or the lacecaps, is that you can control the shade of the blossoms by changing the dirt ph. Adding fertilizer to change the pH of the dirt will decide the shade of the blossoms you get. In the event that you need or have blue hydrangeas you need ericaceous fertilizer. For different tones and white typical multi-reason or bush manure is fine.

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Hydrangea care

At the point when you are developing these types of hydrangeas, they need a region that is presented to morning daylight yet concealed in the early evening. This encourages them to hold dampness in the dirt. This is additionally why endless gardeners use them in their concealed outskirt districts of a yard. As referenced, these bushes need rich soil that remaining parts clammy. Expanding the measure of natural issue will assist the roots with rationing dampness at the roots. For lighter soil, ericaceous manures can be added to help feed the hydrangeas.


Not everything assortments can change the shade of their sprouts. Be certain you are growing a bigleaf assortment, the hydrangea macrophylla on the off chance that you are attempting to control the shade of the sprouts however you can’t change white flowers some other tone.

Hydrangea soil pH

You can add ericaceous manure to your dirt so as to change the pH of the dirt and accordingly, the shade of the blossoms you find in your garden. Soils that are acidic, with pH of 5.5. or on the other hand less, loaded with abundant aluminum, will turn blue. Soils that are basic, with a high pH and less aluminum will turn pink.

On the off chance that your dirt is unbiased, you can likewise make your flowers blue by including a blueing operator with aluminum sulfate to your dirt.

The best strategy for pruned hydrangeas however is to add ericaceous manure to the preparing blend.

The way that the bush develops in practically any degree of pH is the thing that makes it so solid. Despite your unique soil creation, you can at present accomplish wonderful sprouts.

To do this, you should:

  • Buy an at home test pack for soil pH.
  • Direct a test to get a standard of your current soil.
  • Add ericaceous manure or acidifiers to change the corrosiveness.
  • Consistently re-test to confirm that you have the ideal pH.


Your dirt will consistently re-visitation of its characteristic state. So in the event that you intend to turn the flowers blue on your hydrangeas, be set up to add ericaceous fertilizer to the dirt consistently so as to keep up the blue tone.

The vast majority have incredible achievement when developing them in pots as its simpler to control the dirt ph and they can be plants in ericaceous manure to begin with.




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