Can i do bonsai from Hydrangea Macrophylla beautiful plant but the flowers are to heavy for the branches branch structure looks nice let’s start with cutting .

The flowers I am just cutting them at the bottom to leave as much as i can to do cuttings from the rest of the branch now all the flowers are removed it’s time for cutting the branches .

I am trying to do directional pruning leaving minimum 2-3 leaf nodes for a good size cutting If this plant don’t survive I atleast have chance that the cuttings will root and become new plant .

I don’t like this branch sticking right up parallel I only want one apax And i am doing a flush cut to remove any “bumps” removing the old branches from when growing in the nursery now it’s time to prepare the cuttings .

Removing all the lowers leafs and cutting the upper leafs in half so minimise the water loss right now they dont have roots for to take up water the same rate the leaf wants so now i have done the same to all the cuttings.

Now i have a good chance to get some new plants this is rooting hormone to maximize the chance Will just dip the bottom tip and shake of the excess and then press it down in to a container with already moist soil I normally don’t use rooting hormone but i really want more of this plant 😁 .

Don’t need more than this amount on the cuttings and this is what it looks like when i am done and then i put a plastic bag over it and put in shade now checking if I want to remove any other branches there is to much roots in the pot they are trying to get out this branch is to long and will compete this the apex .

Can i make Bonsai from Hydrangea macrophylla
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Can i make Bonsai from Hydrangea macrophylla

This is the bonsai pot i have chosen for this experiment there will be a lot of root pruning to get it to fit in side the small pot pressing the sides of the pot to loosen the soil in the pot to get it out .

And it dont want to come out the roots under the pot have locked it in. And needs to be removed And WOW!! so much roots really good time to repot now i am just going to slowly trying to remove the soil and it is really root bound looks like it been in the pot for to long .

A tip is to try checking the root ball in the store before you buy Its good to have a lot of roots but this is to much for this size of container not possible to get in to the soil its time for extreme measures.

Can i make Bonsai from Hydrangea macrophylla

I will not use this roots anyway in this small pot i have chosen removing the root mat will make it easier to access the roots and removing the soil i have cut out screen for the pot and fixed it with wire adding bottom layer of soil the root ball will stay on top for drainage test fitting the plant looks good .

So now i will press down the roots on the sides and the long wire on the sides i will anchor the plant in the pot don’t want the plant for move or blow over and damage .

The roots pressing down the root on the sides and now adding the soil on the sides of the pot for fill up the gap and removing all the air pockets not much space so i will use my fingers more the my tools its tight squeeze am happy with the results .

Now i am misting the roots so they don’t dry out after all the work it not to hot outside but i want to make sure and it will be easier to apply moss moss time 😁 removing the excess soil from under the moss just scraping with the backside of my scissors just making it thinner for a better fit in the pot misting the moss makes it more easy to apply to the soil in the pot .

And now just applying the moss around the plant pressing it down hard to get good contact with the soil going around the pot and adding moss this will help keep the soil moist and not dry out so fast. And I think it looks nice also now just using small pieces of moss to fill in the gaps .

And firmly pressing down for good contact time to water the plant 360 view of the final result I am really happy now If you likes the post don’t forget to share this one.

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