Best Hydrangea varieties for Garden and Container – Hydrangea are a large family of plantsdifferent flower forms and colour, different foliage and even some climbinghydrangea varieties.

Some grow well and flower in shade which makes them a greataddition to many gardens. Some will also grow well in sun. So if you’re lookingfor variety, then hydrangeas have it.

Oakleaf Hydrangea alice and Hydrangea Quercifolia

Oakleaf Hydrangeas and its Varieties
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Best Hydrangea varieties for Garden and Container

As for flowers and foliage Hydrangea Quercifolia is probably one of the best, it has green foliage from spring right through summer, as the autumn comes around it turns to a nice red and that foliage is going to stay on the plant until the next spring when the new foliage comes along and pushes it off.

So although it’s not reallyevergreen it’s sort of is, Hydrangea Quercifolia, the oak leaf hydrangea.

Macrophylla Hydrangeas

Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer- Bigleaf Hydrangea
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Best Hydrangea varieties for Garden and Container

Macrophylla hydrangeas will change color with the pH of the soil, while many of thewhite hydrangeas tend just to stay white no matter what the pH is.

So let’s take aquick look at a few of the many hydrangeas that are available Madame Faustin Travouillon also known as Hydrangea peacock, very attractive largeheads of pale to mid blue flowers.

This is Hydrangea macrophylla AyeshaHarlequin, and as you can see it’s got beautiful blue flowers large roundedheads that sit up above the foliage this is Hydrangea serrataRose Alba and if you’re looking for pinks hydrangea macrophylla Alpengluhenis one to consider, of course the colors are going to vary depending on theacidity of your soil.

Hydrangea Blushing Bride

Here we have Hydrangea macrophylla nightingale ornachtigall, and this one was developed in Switzerland.

Match hydrangea propagationwas originally done in France and this is Macrophylalilacina this itself is a naturally pollinated seedling of hydrangeamacrophylla mariesii, again Victor Lemoine, back in France in 1904.

Hydrangea Tiny Tuff Stuff

How to plant Hydrangea seeds - Growing Hydrangeas From Seeds
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Best Hydrangea varieties for Garden and Container

With really large white flowers Hydrangea macrophylla Libelle isoriginally from Switzerland most hydrangeas are grown in the shade andthey do flower really well in the shade and the flowers are probablylonger-lasting.

However many varieties will take a lot more Sun and hydrangeassuch as this one will certainly thrive in morning Sun end to finish off ourlook at hydrangeas.

Hydrangea Invincibelle Ruby

Here are three Hydrangea serrata varieties mainly fromJapan and Korea also known as the mountain hydrangea or tea of heaven andthat’s it for our brief look at hydrangeas.

There are many varietiesavailable and if you look in specialist nurseries you’ll find some that willsuit any color scheme subscribe to the youtube channel visit the website forlots more information on hydrangeas and where to buy them.

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